Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Etsy Shop

We started our etsy shop last year on Christmas day, so we are about to celebrate our first year in business.  Our daughter helped us get it set up and we have really been having fun with it.  We also have started to sell in a craft mall in our little home town.  It's called "The Mustard Seed".  So between the two we really stay busy.  On top of that we both work full time.  So our days are really full.  But, we love it.  Especially since we both enjoy using our hands and making things.  You get a lot of satisfaction when you finish a project, especially when it turns out like you envisioned. 

Working with wire is something I have found that I really enjoy.  My husband said he would have never dreamed you could give a woman a little wire and some pliers and keep her happy for hours.  But, you do get lost in time when you're creating something.  Before you know it hours have passed and you haven't gotten your housework done.  I'm also running out of room.  Maybe, I'm buying too much wire and beads.  I don't think that's possible.  My sister is a beadaholique too.  She has triple the amount I have.  I have finally talked her into opening an etsy shop and I'm excited for her.  I can't wait to see it when she gets it up and running.  I'll post a link in my blog when she does so you can check out her shop, she does beautiful work.  She enjoys working with Swarovski crystals and she makes beautiful pieces.

Well that's about all for today.  Not much useful information here for you just a little trivia about us and what we've been doing.  Guess this is what has made the year go by so fast!  Too many irons in the fire!

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